Receiving a hand-addressed envelope in the mail amid bills, credit card offers and circulars is a signal that there is something special inside — a note of thanks, a letter of love or, of course, an invitation to an event.

Now that you have chosen your custom stationery look, it is time for you to address your guests. We are huge fans of hand calligraphy and have enlisted a few well-quilled friends to show off some of their work. We think that your guests will be delighted to receive these beautifully addressed envelopes with their daily mail.

1. Julie Song Ink   2. Deborah Nadel   3. Moya Minns  

Loose painterly calligraphy is a great way to bridge the gap between traditional and modern. White ink on a colored envelope looks especially fresh in this style.

4. Neither Snow   5. Julie Doan   6. Mon Voir  

Consider having addresses written on an angle or use a mix of lettering styles for a truly custom look. For a bit of sparkle, try gold or silver ink.

7. Fleur de Letters   8. Jill Velez   9. Julie Song Ink   10. Melissa Esplin

Bringing similarly styled hand calligraphy to day-of items such as escort cards and menus is a great way to extend your wedding look from invitation to event.

11. Deborah Nadel   12. Moya Minns   13. Jill Velez